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Orders and Shipping

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Prepaid Cards.

Once ordered, the item is automatically sent to our order processing center to be checked and shipped. Be careful before you order anything.

We can not cancel an order in most cases, but the withdrawal is always guaranteed, as required by law.

Detailed information on the Right of Withdrawal page and Terms of Service

You can contact us within 1 hour of placing an order to make the replacement. You can do this by writing to us at, indicating the order number as the title of the email. We cannot guarantee that the order will be replaced because it could already be sent to the process center.

Remember that the return with replacement is always guaranteed.

Detailed information on the Right of Withdrawal page and Terms of Service

Write to and send us a photo of the object and the order number. In any case, we will send you a new item at our expense or refund you.

Detailed information on the Right of Withdrawal page and Terms of Service

Write to and give us your order number

You can send us the item back and we will send you a new item with the correct size.

Detailed information on the Right of Withdrawal page and Terms of Service

Shipping is 100% free worldwide.

When the order is processed, the average shipping time of an order is 15 working days*.

During the holidays, shipping times may be longer than normal.

* Working days: Monday to Friday.

We use UPS, DHL, E-Packet, PostNL and Poste Italiane couriers. Depending on who offers the shortest shipping time, we choose one of the 5.

You can track your package from the following links, if after 10 days from your order you do not see any movement in these systems, please contact us at

If it’s been more than 10 days since you placed your order, write to, otherwise wait until it’s passed, some tracking takes up to 10 days to be active.

We respond to all requests within 48 hours, you can contact us by messenger or email.

Full Regulation

Shipping and Tracking

Shipping is always 100% free and insured worldwide.

Please note that your package is insured, in case it does not arrive is ALWAYS provided for replacement or refund, as the case may be.

On average within 72 hours after your order has been created the shipping process will start, in case you do not receive shipping confirmation within that time, please contact us at:

Within 10 days from when your order was created, if the shipment provides for it, you will receive the tracking code of your package. If you do not receive the code after 10 days, write to us to check for any misunderstandings:

Shipping timeis usually 15 working days*. Some unreported orders may arrive in a week, while in rare cases more than 15 working days may elapse. Always keep an eye on your tracking code.

* Working days: Monday to Friday.

Unsuccessful deliveries remain at your city’s post office and if you do not collect them, they will return to their destination after 10 days of storage. If the tracking code indicates the package as “delivered” or “failed delivery”, remember to contact your post office to arrange the day of delivery or to go directly to collect it.

If for any reason your package does not reach its destination within 20 working days of ordering, please contact us immediately.

Depending on the condition of your tracking code, we may immediately send you a new item, in case the package you ordered arrives, you can keep both the first shipment and the replacement shipment.

If for any reason your order does not arrive after 60 days from the day of placement of the same (and if it has not been agreed to send a new item), you will be refunded instantly.

If the new package arrives at its destination, you can still keep both the item and the refund.

Attention: The request for a refund must be made after 60 days from the order but always and in any case before receipt of the package, if you receive the package after 60 days and you request a refund after receiving it, you must proceed with the normal practice of withdrawal.

You will receive and find the tracking code in the shipping confirmation email.

Please note the following information:

  • The tracking code once received can take up to 10 days to be active. For some shipments, the package may even arrive first.
  • If more than 10 days have passed since the code was received without news, please contact us at

You can track the shipment by entering your tracking code on the following pages:


If after 10 days from the receipt of the tracking code you do NOT see any movement, please contact us

We will be at your disposal to help you!

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